Blue Front Amazon - not sexed, 9 yrs old. Tame. 1 owner (male). In lovely feather condition. Colorful. Best housed in a home without another amazon. Other birds are fine. Talks. Handleable. Picture soon... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Interested? A-Parrot R...
Lilac Crowned Amazon - unsexed, small parrot, age unknown, appears young. Talks a little, tame for a lady. Prefers women. On a seed diet basically. Will eat tablefood also. We are trying pellets and a water bottle for this bird. Very good little amaz...
Baby Blue And Gold Macaw Available We have available one baby, hand reared Blue and Gold Macaw available. Carefully hand reared and bred from our own avairy birds. Cuddly tame. Genuine enquiries please, phone or email. Ad number: #380819077 Contact: scott City: OHIO Zip: 44101 Price: $800
SUN CONURE - unsexed, approximately 5yrs old, bird knows "step up" In lovely feather condition Can be noisy when he/she wants attention, may say "hello", eats seed and Zupreme pellets, apples, broccoli, large table top cage is included. We have the bird...
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